Housing Assistance Payments Staff


To reach Housing Assistance Payments staff, click on each name to access their email address or call their direct phone number listed below.

Director of Housing Assistance PaymentsDirect Dial (512)
Ann Hittner767-7686
HAP Subsidy Coordinator 
Julie Jeffery767-7683
HAP Manager   
Kristine Feely320-8261
Senior HAP Subsidy Analyst 
Lisa Muraida767-7685
Senior TRACS Data AnalystDirect Dial (512)
Jessica Beltran767-7711
TRACS Data Analysts   
Stephanie Manning767-7700
Keila Rios767-7723
Benjamin Rangel767-7705
Will Newell767-7681
Cynthia Pierron767-7755
Jeffrey Kolb767-7705
Danielle Sanchez767-7713
Ashiq Legi767-7727