Housing Assistance Payments Staff


To reach Housing Assistance Payments staff, call their direct phone number listed below.

Director of Housing Assistance Payments Phone (512)  
Ann Hittner 767-7686
HAP Subsidy Coordinator                                          
Julie Jeffery 767-7683
Senior HAP Subsidy Analyst                                      
Lisa Muraida 767-7685
HAP Manager                                                                   
John Chambers 767-7687
Senior TRACS Data Analyst                                    
Christopher Delcros 236-8582
TRACS Data Analysts                                                 
Jessica Beltran 767-7800
Stephanie Manning 767-7700
Kristine Feely 320-8261
Eve Rackleff 767-7696
Justin MacDonald 767-7681
Savannah Haney 767-7727