The EIV System

HUD developed the EIV (Enterprise Income Verification) system as a tool to meet the objective of assuring that the “right benefits go to the right persons.” The EIV system is a federal database that provides quick, easy access to resident income information. The intent of the EIV system is to streamline and simplify the income verification process at the time of recertification, by providing an independent source that systematically and uniformly maintains income information.

Deadline to Implement EIV

On December 29, 2009 HUD published the Refinement of Income and Rent Determination Requirements in Public and Assisted Housing Programs Final Rule ( The Final Rule, effective January 31, 2010, includes the mandatory use of the EIV system.

Accessing EIV

To obtain access to HUD’s EIV system, visit and follow the required steps for sign-up. Questions regarding accessing EIV can be submitted to HUD’s Multifamily Help Desk at 1-800-767-7588 or

Maintaining EIV Access Documentation

Upon obtaining EIV access, the following documents must be retained and made available:

  • Written authorization from the owner to access EIV data for the property
  • List of EIV Coordinator(s) and EIV User(s) who currently have access to the EIV system
  • HUD approved EIV Coordinator Access Authorization Form(s) (CAAFs) for each EIV Coordinator assigned to the property (original and current)
  • EIV Coordinator approved EIV User Access Authorization Form(s) (UAAFs) for each employee assigned access to EIV data for the property (original and current)
  • Signed Rules of Behavior document for each person who does not have access to the EIV system, but will be reviewing EIV data for authorized purposes
  • “Certificate of Completion” of the online CyberAwareness Challenge Federal Version training program.  For more information, see the heading below titled “EIV Security Awareness Training.”

EIV Policies/Procedures

The Owner/Agent is required to develop policies and procedures regarding the use of EIV data.

EIV Training Webcasts

  • On April 14, 2010 HUD held an EIV webcast, titled “Mandatory Use of EIV Final Rule”
  • On February 25, 2010 HUD held an EIV Q&A webcast, answering questions that arose from the December 29, 2009 webcast
  • On December 29, 2009 HUD held an EIV webcast that focused on the practical use of the EIV system and system security.
  • These three webcasts, as well as supplemental Power Point presentations, can be found at:

EIV Security Awareness Training

EIV system users and Owner/Agent staff who do not have access to the EIV system but who use EIV reports to perform their job function are required to complete security training annually. To complete online security training please follow the steps below:

  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Click on Launch Training for CyberAwareness Challenge 2020
    • The program now alerts you to ensure requirements are met. Make sure that all are met before you start the exam. You may need to temporarily allow pop-ups for the program to work. 
  • Click on Start New Session to proceed with the training
  • When the training is complete, print and maintain the Certificate of Completion