HUD Prepares to Implement DocuSign for Contract Renewals

Jessica Mansfield Uncategorized

HUD has announced that in the coming weeks, they will begin implementing DocuSign for contract renewals in Arkansas and Texas, becoming the 2nd region to roll out the DocuSign process. Once implemented, all documents for contract renewals will be sent and signed via DocuSign. It’s important to note that this implementation ONLY applies to contract renewals, and not rent adjustments.

What does this mean for Owners/Agents?

  • This implementation requires every Owner/Agent to have an email address as DocuSign emails cannot be forwarded.
  • During the renewal process, SHCC’s Contracts Department will verify individuals that need to review and sign documents.
  • Contracts Staff will also reach out and obtain necessary emails/contact information for review and execution of contract documents.

This new process aims to streamline the contract renewal process and make it more efficient and secure for all parties involved.