February AHMA East Texas Trainings

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Webinar:  Updating AFHMP on a Budget with Jenny DeSilva

Monday, February 13, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM CST

Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plans (AFHMP) must be reviewed and updated, if necessary, every five years.  The AFHMP Form 935.2A now requires owners to gather and report demographic information from their existing tenant population, their waiting list and their surrounding community via census data.  However, the new census resources online are intimidating and technical to navigate. 

This advanced, interactive session is designed for housing professionals needing to update their Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan (AFHMP).  We will demonstrate the process by completing the online census research for a “sample property” and provide tips on the best ways to ensure your revised plan is a complete submission. 

Finally, lean inexpensive, set effective, advertising and marketing techniques to attact applicants to your property without blowing your advertising budget.

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Webinar: HUD Occupancy FAQs with Gwen Volk

Wednesday, February 22, 2023 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM CST

Staff struggle to find proper guidance/answers to the following questions. 

  • How do you calculate child support – especially when it is not consistent or sporadic? Do you include lump sum payments for child support?  If a resident has a court order to collect child support but is not currently receiving it, do I need to have proof they are cooperating with collecting the child support?
  • How do I decide which bonuses are to be included as income on the 50059?
  • Are lottery winnings included as income on the 50059? If so, how is it calculated?
  • Are gambling winnings shown as income on the 50059? If so, how is it calculated.?
  • Should I count recurring monetary gifts from friends/family when the family member or friend varies from month to month?
  • How do I ceritify/recertify a zero Income household? Can I require them to come in every 90 days to be re-interviewed about their income?
  • How do I verify “new” employment income when they only have 1 or 2 paystubs and the employer is not cooperating with requests to verify the income?
  • Can I use The Work Number as verification of income?
  • How do I calculate income for seasonal employment (i.e. school bus driver, landscaper, etc.)?
  • When am I required to recertify residents whose income is home health care when they get a patient/lose a patient and the change is frequent?
  • What is considered Federal Wages and Non‐Federal Wages?
  • What types of student financial aid can be income and when are they considered income?
  • Do I include the income of a full time student (over the age of 18)? 
  • I have an applicant at my Section 8 property.  Their family composition is Head of household (noneligible, non-citizen), 21 year old full time student earning $12,000 in employment, 18 year old full time student earning $15,000 in employment, 8 year old dependent. Is this family eligible to move into my property?
  • What is the difference between earned income and unearned income of dependents?
  • If I have 5 consecutive bank statements, can I calculate the average since I have the beginning and ending balances for 6 months? Also, if I have 5 months of statements but
    missing one in the middle (I can still identify the beginning and ending balance for the missing statement), can I use that for verification of the average?
  • I have 6 consecutive paychecks (gets paid weekly) and can tell they are consecutive because the year to date matches on each paycheck, however, the pay period covered by
    the 6 paychecks is 10 weeks. Do I add $0 for each week when no paycheck was received?
  • Are we allowed to use the annual social security tri‐fold letter to verify income for my January, February and March annuals and any new move ins? If not, why not? (no date
    of the tri-fold award letter).
  • I have 6 bank statements. How do I calculate the average when some of the ending balances are negative?

Come get the answers to these questions from Gwen Volk.

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