Dual Subsidy

A common problem for properties occurs when they submit a move in certification through TRACS, and they receive the fatal error F0123, Submitted household already established in TRACS. In this case, there are many possibilities as to why this error was received. It could be that the move out property is behind in their TRACS submissions and has not yet submitted a move out, or the move out property may not even know that the resident has left their property.

When this error is received, contact your TRACS Data Analyst. They will give you the contact information for the move out property and you should contact them to establish a move out date.

One way to avoid receiving this error is to use EIV’s Existing Tenant Search. This will tell you if a potential resident is receiving subsidy at another assisted property. If possible, contact the move out property and request something in writing from them with the move out date. This document could be used if there ever is a disagreement about when the tenant’s move out date should be.

In the event that the move out and move in dates do overlap and the two properties disagree as to the move out date, subsidy will only be given for the tenant in one household at a time. SHCC will review documents from each property if they exist, and will follow HUD guidelines in deciding when subsidy will be given to each property.

Please take care to resolve the error quickly, and document what you find out. If you have any questions, please contact your TRACS Data Analyst.