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Compliance Department Staff

To reach Compliance staff, call their direct phone number listed below.

Director of CompliancePhone (512)
Compliance Managers
Christina Rosales767-7759
Danse Lewis767-7730
Anissa Stovall767-7695
Compliance Specialists
Zachary Daywood
Nicole Osborne482-9725
Rita Bliss767-7829
Tania Rosales767-7707
Dustin Spalding767-7704
Leslie Campbell482-9726
Bonnie Bright835-1934
Eve Rackleff767-7696
MoNika Pleasant767-7759
Denise Morales767-7751
Alvin Yun767-7694
Lily Feldman767-7800
Cheyne Vernon482-9727
Compliance Monitors
Sarah Johnson767-7695