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SHCC is committed to providing timely voucher payments to properties and to supporting Owner/Agents in the submission process. In order to receive your monthly subsidy payment, you are required to submit a monthly subsidy billing to SHCC via a voucher. HUD Guidelines require that each property submit a electronic version of the voucher (MAT30) and supporting 50059 data to the PBCA by the 10th of the month prior to payment in order to receive funding on the 1st business day of the month. Vouchers submitted after that deadline risk late payment. SHCC is not able to process vouchers until the electronic voucher and supporting tenant data are received and reviewed for accuracy and eligibility. A monthly voucher submission is required even when you are not requesting any assistance for the billing month.

For more detailed information on the voucher process, including submission deadlines, links to forms, and FAQs, please select a link from the “In This Section” toolbar to the right.