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TRACS 202D Update


There is an upcoming TRACS 202D Version update scheduled for 2013.  Are you ready for this change?

Several regulatory updates and occupancy changes have occurred since the last TRACS update in 2008.  New social security number requirements, HUD Handbook 4350.3 updates, and the mandatory use of HUD’s EIV System have all necessitated updates to TRACS software and processing regulations.  HUD and industry partners comprising the TRACS 202D Working Group have updated the TRACS Industry Specifications to modify TRACS to permit HUD’s business partners to comply with the new regulations, and to enable TRACS to process tenant certifications correctly. 

There are some exciting enhancements included in the TRACS 202D update that will foster consistency and efficiency in monthly voucher processing.  For example:

  1. The TRACS 2.0.2.D revisions will modify the requirements for transmission of vouchers from sites to Contract Administrators (CAs), eliminating the need for sending paper vouchers and requiring CAs to transmit full approved electronic vouchers to sites for reconciliation purposes.  Once 202D is fully implemented, sites will only be required to transmit electronic vouchers.
  2. A new History Baseline format will be implemented to facilitate the exchange of data between and among sites and CAs.
  3. Updated Move-Out and Termination codes will be added, reflective of actual scenarios.
  4. New, more descriptive coding for manual adjustments (formally referred to as OARQs) will appear on the MAT 30.
  5. An entirely new section will be added to the voucher, allowing properties to  report subsidy reimbursements incorporated into Tenant Repayment Agreements.

This list is not exhaustive.  For a complete description of changes, please refer to the full TRACS 202D Industry Specifications, posted on HUD’s TRACS Website ( 

While this schedule is subject to change, the current implementation timeline is as follows:

  1. December 1, 2012-Vendor testing for the new version begins (this will include both property and CA vendor testing).
  2. March 1, 2013-TRACS and CAs will begin accepting TRACS 202D files.  (TRACS and CAs will continue to accept TRACS 202C files from properties not yet converted through August 31, 2013). 
  3. September 1, 2013- TRACS and CAs will only accept TRACS 202D files going forward.  All TRACS 202C transmissions will be rejected.

As additional guidance is released, including the modification of implementation deadlines, SHCC will post information on our website and will send out Listserv Updates to keep properties informed.